Siccome la distro comincia a pesare e ad occupare un po’ troppo spazio e siccome riteniamo tassativo che chiunque debba possedere  dischi originali perché questo è il primo comandamento per sostenere la propria scena musicale, vi proponiamo una lista di più di 80 dischi che potrete avere con queste modalità / we avoid to translate the boring cause we are doing this, just be awared that we are making a special promotional sale!:

da 5 a 9 dischi = 3 euro l’uno (5 dischi è il minimo) / from 5 to 9 discs = 3 euro each (5 is the minimum purchase)

da 10 a 19 dischi = 2,5 euro l’uno + omaggio (mcd, adesivi, spille) / from 10 to 19 discs = 2,5 euro each + free gifts (mcd, pins, stickers)

da 20 in su = 2 euro l’uno + Int la Stre 2cd + omaggio / 20 and more = 2 euro each + Int la Stre 2cd compil + free gifts

+ 5 euro spese spedizione in ogni caso (che sono neanche la metà di quanto effettivamente spenderemo) / + 10 euro shipping costs outside Italy (UE countries, extra UE please contact us)


5MDR “Via di qua” Street-Punk/Oi! from Savona
AC DECUS “Comme un pavé” Street-Punk/Oi! From Bretagne zone (FRANCE)
ARGIES “Quen despierta” Combat Punk legends form Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA)
ASHPIPE “Born bad” Combat Punk/Ska from Tortona
ASKULTURA “Ten strong superpunk skarantella reggae rumba fury” eclectic multiple styles Ska singing in several languages (dialect of Neaples too!) from Miami (UNITED STATES)
AZRAEL “Rehellity” English speaking great Punk-HC from Frankfurt (GERMANY)
BAD REVENGE “Il tuo destino” Hard-Oi! da Varese
BLOODPACT “Fino all’ultima goccia” great Oi! From Taranto
BOBBY SIXKILLER “Lonely road” Reggae and Soul from Nancy (FRANCE)
BOOTSTROKE / JUNGLE FEVER “Pride of Athens” Oi! Street-Punk from Athens (HELLAS)
BOTTLEJOB “Take it on the chin” British style Oi! from London (ENGLAND)
BURNT CROSS “Mankind’s obituary” Anarcho-Punk from Brighton (ENGLAND)
CANTINERO “Resta a ballare” Ska and 2 Tone from Milano zone
CERVELLI STANKI “Street rock and roll” Oi! veterans from Savona
CERVELLI STANKI “15 years.. old tunes, new blood” Oi! veterans from Savona
CONTRASTO / LE TORMENTA “La poesia è azione” Romagna top Punk-HC from Cesena and Forlì (7″ split)
DCP “Voiceless” HC from Brescia
DIOSFERA CORPORATION “s/t” Street-Punk from Ragusa
DONKEY WORK “Kick up a recket” Oi! From Potsdam (GERMANY)
EVERSIONE “Un istante di fervore” Punk-HC from Imperia/Sanremo
FECCIA ROSSA “Lotta per la tua vita” Oi! Street-Punk from Verona
GUACAMAYA “Fino all’ultimo bandito” Combat-Punk from Magenta (MI)
GUACAMAYA “Il sangue e la polvere” Combat-Punk from Magenta (MI)
GUACAMAYA “Come un pugno nello stomaco” Combat-Punk from Magenta (MI)
GUILTY BASTARDS “Per te stesso” Oi! From Monza-Brianza
HAINE “…mai più!” a meteor in the Italian Oi! scene but really unforgettable! from Bologna
HELL BEER BOYS “No penses por mi” Street-Punk from Goierri zone (EUSKADI)
HVB “Valstar revenge” Oi! from St. Aubin de Baubigné (FRANCE)
I FUZONI “s/t” Punk-HC from Imola
INFAMIA “Decade” Street-Punk from Modena
JESUS SKINS “Nazareth” Christian-Oi! legend from Hamburg (GERMANY)
JESUS SKINS / JEWDRIVER “s/t” when Christian-Oi! of Hamburg (GERMANY) meets Jewish Street-Punk from Oakland (UNITED STATES) 2 bands split
JEUNESSE APATRIDE “Larmes au poings” great anarchist Street-Punk with female voice from Montreal (QUEBEC-CANADA)
KABAL LA REVOLTE “Doujans” antifascist Street-Punk from Bretagne zone (FRANCE)
KROSKA “Guerrier Trojan” Oi! and Ska from Occitaine zone (FRANCE)
LA FAMILIA TORELLI “Beyond organic” Early Reggae and Ska form Barcelona (CATALUNYA-SPAIN)
LA THEORIE DU BOXON “Pour un repas riche et pas cher” Anarcho-Punk with male and female voices from Niort (FRANCE)
LA SVOLTA “Giuda” Punk-Hardcore dalla provincia di Ravenna
LUCHASKALIENTES “Maledetto positivismo” Combat-Ska from Filottrano (AN)
MAI “Nausea” Punk-HC from Verona
MOSSIN NAGANT “s/t” Redskins’ Oi! From Vitoria/Gasteiz (EUSKAL HERRIA-SPAIN)
NH3 “Eroi senza volto” Combat Ska-Punk da Pesaro
NOBODY’S FOOL “Wintering” Punk-Rock from GALIZA-SPAIN
PAYBACK “Usque ad finem” Old School NYHC style from Roma
PESTPOCKEN “No love for a nation” pure and great Punk from Giessen (GERMANY)
PROTERVIA “Nuestra esquela” antifascist brutal HC from Madrid (CASTILLA-SPAIN)
PUBBLICO OLTRAGGIO / MESS MESS MESS “split” a great Punk-HC from Monza meets a finest Street-Punk from Cesena
QUARTIER LIBRE “Live, speed and kalarlak” Ska, 2 Tone, Ska-Punk, Oi!, Punk.. anything! but well made! From Sedan (FRANCE)
REJECTS S/A / STA PREST BOYS “Oi! It’s a world invasion vol. 2” SPLIT Oi! from Sao Bento (BRAZIL) / Oi! from Bintaro (INDONESIA)
REDSKA “La rivolta” Combat Ska-Punk heroes from Forlì
ROYAL SHAMROCK “Advance and retire” Irish Folk-Rock from Tokyo (JAPAN)
SALLY BROWN “El sonido de manana…hoy!!” Ska, Two-Tone from Madrid (SPAIN)
SENZA FRONTIERE “Non c’è futuro senza memoria” Street-Punk from Milano
SENZA FRONTIERE “Non sapremo di noi!” Oi! Street-Punk from Milano
SEXSAINTS “A new drug” finest Punk-HC from Roma
SHAMELESS “s/t” Punk-HC from Cosenza
SKARMENTO “Afia os cotenos” Punk-Rock from GALIZA-SPAIN
STAGE BOTTLES “Power of revenge” Combat-Punk from Frankfurt (GERMANY)
STESSO SPORCO SANGUE “s/t” Street-Punk from Palermo
STRANGEDZ “Lieto fine”Punk-HC from Grosseto
STREETS OF RAGE “East side pirates” Oi! Street-Punk from Nancy (FRANCE)
SZ.RIBALTA “Di po di” Punk-HC from South Sardinia
THE FOURTH SIN “Anger” HC from Roma
THE OFFENDERS “Action reaction” Ska and Reggae from Berlin (GERMANY)
THE OFFENDERS “Shots screems and broken dreams” Ska and Reggae from Berlin (GERMANY)
THE OPPRESSED “Antifa hooligans” SHARP Oi! legends from Cardiff (WALES)
THE OROBIANS “Anniversary album” anthology of this Ska legend from Bergamo
THORPEDIANS “Maximum hard reggae from the top” Early Reggae and Ska form Barcelona (CATALUNYA-SPAIN)
V/A “Class pride world wide 2” second compil. made Insurgence Rec. Canada with Prowlers, Bolchoi, Angelic Upstarts, Garotos Podres, Analogs and many more (21 international bands)
V/A “Compilation benefit for Torpedos Torino” compil. Benefit for Torpedos crew almost all the best Italian Oi! bands in activity + Non Servium, Opcio K-95 and Adversion (26 mostly Italian bands)
V/A “Fuck fascism before it fucks you” a tribute to The Oppressed with Bull Brigade, Prowlers, Freiboiter, Stage Bottles and many more performing The Oppressed’s songs (18 international bands)
V/A “No repression” benefit compilation with The Oppressed, Youngang, Razzapparte, Spina nel Fianco, Suspenders and many more (23 mostly Italian bands / Zerocalcare’s cover design)
V/A “Oi! siamo ancora qui” reprint of a great last-80s Oi! compil. with Asociale, Ghetto84, Rough, Klasse Kriminale, Nabat, The Stab and many more, also rarity (19 Italian Oi! Bands)
V/A “Rock aganist Silvio” compilation of Italian Punk-Rock, Ska-Punk, Oi!, HCM bands (52 bands – 2CD)
V/A “Streets of America” compilation of American Oi!, Punk and HC bands (18 American bands)
V/A “Start the fire” compilation of mainly German Street-Punk (15 bands – 30 songs)
V/A “The explosion of punk VOL. 3” compilation of Italian Punk-Rock bands (47 Italian bands – 2CD)
V/A “This is high voltage VOL. 1” compilation of French Punk bands of 90s-00s (25 French bands)
V/A “United Skins” RASH compilation with Opcio-K95, Los Fastidios, Blaggers ITA, Stage Bottles, Atarassia Grop, Zartako and many more (25 international bands)
ZARTAKO “Primero nosotros” HC and Oi! from Bilbao (EUSKAL HERRIA)
ZEMAN “Attitudine offensiva” Football Oi! from Bologna

ATTENZIONE / ATTENTION: molti di questi dischi sono disponibili in sole 2 unità quindi affrettatevi! / many of these discs are available in 2pcs only.. so hurry up!! orders: or facebook pvt message:


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