OI! – STREET-PUNK – COMBAT and similar
5MDR “Via di qua” Street-Punk/Oi! from Savona
22 LONGS RIFFS “A bout portant” antifascist Street-Punk from Bretagne zone (FRANCE)
AC DECUS “Comme un pavé” Street-Punk/Oi! From Bretagne zone (FRANCE)
A FORA DE ARRASTU “Atzitza su fogu” 3 EPs in 1 CD (21 songs totally) for the great Combat-Punk band of Medio Campidano (Sardinia)
ARGIES “Quen despierta” Combat Punk legends form Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA)
ARGIES “Click off” Combat Punk legends form Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA)
ASHPIPE “Born bad” Combat Punk/Ska from Tortona
ASHPIPE “Too much focused…” last work of the great Combat Ska-Punk band from Tortona / Savona
ASSERT “Laser tattoo removal service” British Punk from Midlands (ENGLAND)
ASTENSIONE “Distropico riscatto” Street-Punk from Barletta-Andria
AUTONOMADS “No mans land” Anarcho Combat Punk Ska influenced from Manchester (ENGLAND)
AUTONOMADS “One day this will all be gone…everything now!” Anarcho Combat Punk Ska influenced from Manchester (ENGLAND)
BANDA DEL RIONE “Ancora in piedi, ancora qua” complete collection with all the releases of the legendary band from Turin
BILLYBOY E LA SUA BANDA “Nell’attesa della tua venuta ci facciamo una bevuta” anthology of the great Oi! band from Piacenza
BINOUZE METAMPHE GANG “s/t” great French style Oi! with ex members of Brigada Flores Magon from Paris (FRANCE)
BLOODPACT “Fino all’ultima goccia” great Oi! From Taranto
BOOTSTROKE / JUNGLE FEVER “Pride of Athens” Oi! Street-Punk from Athens (HELLAS)
BOTTLEJOB “Take it on the chin” British style Oi! from London (ENGLAND)
BULL BRIGADE “Vita libertà” last work of the great Oi! Street-Punk band from Torino
BURNT CROSS “Mankind’s obituary” Anarcho-Punk from Brighton (ENGLAND)
CARTOUCHE “A-venir” great Punk-Rock with female singer from Agen and Angers (FRANCE)
CERVELLI STANKI “Street rock and roll” Oi! veterans from Savona
CERVELLI STANKI “15 years.. old tunes, new blood” Oi! veterans from Savona
COMBUSTIONE “La resa dei conti” unforgettable meteor Metal-Oi! Core from Ravenna
DESPERTA FERRO “L’alba d’un nou jorn” Oi! and Street-Punk from Barcelona, best of + DVD live
DIOSFERA CORPORATION “s/t” Street-Punk from Ragusa
DONKEY WORK “Kick up a recket” Oi! From Potsdam (GERMANY)
ENRAGED MINORITY “Antitude” Street-Punk from Freiburg (GERMANY)
FAVL “The singles collection” collection of EPs + new-recorded songs of the Oi! band from Frosinone
FUN “Come vOi!” the great return of the legendary 80s Oi! And Ska band from Roma
GUACAMAYA “Fino all’ultimo bandito” Combat-Punk from Magenta (MI)
GUACAMAYA “Il sangue e la polvere” Combat-Punk from Magenta (MI)
GUACAMAYA “Come un pugno nello stomaco” Combat-Punk from Magenta (MI)
GUILTY BASTARDS “Per te stesso” Oi! From Monza-Brianza
HAINE “…mai più!” a meteor in the Italian Oi! scene but really unforgettable! from Bologna
HELL BEER BOYS “No penses por mi” Street-Punk from Goierri zone (EUSKADI)
HEROS & ZEROS “Wake-up call” great Street-Punk with a Sax from Amsterdam (THE NETHERLANDS)
HORS CONTROLE “Enfants du charbon” French Oi! veterans from Marceau-Des-Mines (FRANCE)
HORS CONTROLE “L’union fait la force” French Oi! veterans from Marceau-Des-Mines (FRANCE)
HVB “Valstar revenge” Oi! from St. Aubin de Baubigné (FRANCE)
IL COMPLESSO “Questo è il nostro punk” Street-Punk from Caramagna (CN)
INFAMIA “Decade” Street-Punk from Modena
JESUS SKINS “Nazareth” Christian-Oi! legend from Hamburg (GERMANY)
JESUS SKINS / JEWDRIVER “s/t” when Christian-Oi! of Hamburg (GERMANY) meets Jewish Street-Punk from Oakland (UNITED STATES) 2 bands split
JEUNESSE APATRIDE “Larmes au poings” great anarchist Street-Punk with female voice from Montreal (QUEBEC-CANADA)
KABAL LA REVOLTE “Doujans” antifascist Street-Punk from Bretagne zone (FRANCE)
KATTIVA REPUTAZIONE “Spirito guerriero” Street-Punk from Monza
KIDS OF THE STREETS “Oi! for the rebels” antifascist Oi! from Moskow zone (RUSSIA)
KOMINTERN 43 “Grupos de tormenta” redskin Oi! from Bogotà (COLOMBIA)
KROSKA “Guerrier Trojan” Oi! and Ska from Occitaine zone (FRANCE)
LA GACHETTE “Ne renoncera pas” Street-Punk with male and female voices from Montreal (QUEBEC-CANADA)
LA THEORIE DU BOXON “Pour un repas riche et pas cher” Anarcho-Punk with male and female voices from Niort (FRANCE)
LAST STRIKE “Delnicky rock” antifascist Oi! from Moravia zone (CZECH REP.)
LES PARTISANS “Style of 1994/2002” Redskins’ mix of Combat, Ska, Punk greatest hits of the old French band from Lyon (FRANCE)
LES PARTISANS “Rallumer tous les soleils” last work of the legendary redskin band from Lyon (FRANCE)
LES TROIS HUIT “s/t” French style Oi! with some songs in Italian (!) from Grenoble (FRANCE)
LOS FASTIDIOS “Contiamo su di voi” one of the best album of the hystorical Antifa Oi! Street-Punk band from Verona
LOS FASTIDIOS “Ten years tattooed on my heart” the best of the first 10 years of the hystorical Antifa Oi! Band from Verona
LOS FASTIDIOS “All’arrembaggio” hystorical Antifa Oi! Street-Punk band from Verona
LOS FASTIDIOS “Let’s do it” last work of the hystorical Antifa Oi! Street-Punk band from Verona
LUTECE BORGIA “Long live summer” French Oi! veterans form Paris (FRANCE)
MAYDAY “Comme une bombe” Oi! Street-Punk from Montreal (QUEBEC-CANADA)
MATA RATOS “Es um homem ou es um rato?” great Street-Punk from Lisboa (PORTUGAL)
MENCER VERMELLO “Krasnii Rassvet” ultra-red Oi! from La Coruna (GALIZA-SPAIN)
MINERS “Come una rosa in miniera” great and straight Oi! sound from Bergamo
NO WHITE RAG “Silence is violence” one of the best Italian Street-Punk band from Modena
NUCLEO TERCO “La comision de la estaca” ultre-red Oi! from Madrid (CASTILLA-SPAIN)
OVERLOAD “2011” pure British Oi! from Cambridge (ENGLAND)
PEGGIO EMILIA “Anticittadino” Punk-Rock da Reggio Emilia
PESTPOCKEN “No love for a nation” pure and great Punk from Giessen (GERMANY)
PILSNER OIQUELL “Na zapadni fronte klid” Czech Oi! brewers from Plzen (CZECH REP.)
PRODOTTI LOCALI “Gli amori di un’estate” Oi! e ignoransa de Bergamo
PRODUZENTEN DER FROIDE “Ready for love” RASH Oi! from Stuttgart (GERMANY)
PUBBLICO OLTRAGGIO / MESS MESS MESS “split” a great Punk-HC from Monza meets a finest Street-Punk from Cesena
RABBIA “Calcio birra e scarponi” complete collection of this very interesting Oi! band from Trento
RAZOR BOIS “s/t” Russian top antifascist Oi! from Moskow (RUSSIA)
RAZZAPPARTE “Briganti” Oi! veterans from Viterbo
RAZZAPPARTE “Brucia!” last work of the Oi! veterans from Viterbo
REAZIONE “L’altra faccia della riviera + Indelebile” 2 great works in an album for the Oi!/Street-Punk band from Rimini
REAZIONE “Best of” anthology of the veteran Oi!/Street-Punk band from Rimini
RIOT CLAN “All’osteria dei banditi” great Street-Punk Oi! from Reggio Emilia
RPG7 “En tu ciuidad” red Oi!-Core from Madrid zone (CASTILLA-SPAIN)
SENZA FRONTIERE “Non c’è futuro senza memoria” Street-Punk from Milano
STAGE BOTTLES “Power of revenge” Combat-Punk from Frankfurt (GERMANY)
STAGE BOTTLES “Fair enough” Combat-Punk from Frankfurt (GERMANY)
STREETS OF RAGE “East side pirates” Oi! Street-Punk from Nancy (FRANCE)
STUMBLING PINS “Common Angst” Punk-Rock from Kiel (GERMANY)
SUBESTIMADOS “El espiritu no ha muerto” Oi! Street-Punk from Madrid (CASTILLA-SPAIN)
THE OPPRESSED “Antifa hooligans” SHARP Oi! legends from Cardiff (WALES)
THE REBEL SPELL “It’s a beautiful future” really great Punk-Rock from Vancouver (CANADA)
TULLAMORE / BARBERA & CHAMPAGNE “La rabbia dei sobborghi” Celtic-Punk from Pavia meets Oi! Street-Punk from Rome zone
ULTIMA RIPRESA “1° round..wanna fight?” Oi!/Street-Punk from Torino
V/A “Class pride world wide 2” second compil. made Insurgence Rec. Canada with Prowlers, Bolchoi, Angelic Upstarts, Garotos Podres, Analogs and many more (21 international bands)
V/A “Compilation benefit for Torpedos Torino” compil. Benefit for Torpedos crew almost all the best Italian Oi! bands in activity + Non Servium, Opcio K-95 and Adversion (26 mostly Italian bands)
V/A “Fuck fascism before it fucks you” a tribute to The Oppressed with Bull Brigade, Prowlers, Freiboiter, Stage Bottles and many more performing The Oppressed’s songs (18 international bands)
V/A “Hate/love” the definitive 80s Punk and Oi! collection! with Kina, Peggio Punx, Impact, Nabat, Eu’s Arse, Fun, Rappresaglia, Negazione etc.. (45 Italian bands, 2 Cds, 50pages booklet)
V/A “Oi! siamo ancora qui” reprint of a great last-80s Oi! compil. with Asociale, Ghetto84, Rough, Klasse Kriminale, Nabat, The Stab and many more, also rarity (19 Italian Oi! Bands)
V/A “Rock aganist Silvio” compilation of Italian Punk-Rock, Ska-Punk, Oi!, HCM bands (52 bands – 2CD)
V/A “Streets of America” compilation of American Oi!, Punk and HC bands (18 American bands)
V/A “Start the fire” compilation of mainly German Street-Punk (15 bands – 30 songs)
V/A “The explosion of punk VOL. 3” compilation of Italian Punk-Rock bands (47 Italian bands – 2CD)
V/A “This is high voltage VOL. 1” compilation of French Punk bands of 90s-00s (25 French bands)
V/A “United Skins” RASH compilation with Opcio-K95, Los Fastidios, Blaggers ITA, Stage Bottles, Atarassia Grop, Zartako and many more (25 international bands)
VINDICATE THIS “Stronger than yesterday” Street-Punk from Malmö (SWEDEN)
WHAT WE FEEL / MISTER X “All against all” when HC veterans from Moskow (RUSSIA) meets OI! veterans from Hrodna (BELARUS)… great split!!
ZONA POPOLARE “Cielo grigio” great Oi! from Bologna

HARDCORE – PUNK-HC and similar
AFFLUENTE “Il sogno della merce” one of the best Italian Punk-HC bands ever from Ascoli and Teramo (2CDs anthology)
ASSEDIO/CRUEL REVENGE “s/t” Punk-HC from Viterbo (2 bands split)
AZRAEL “Rehellity” English speaking great Punk-HC from Frankfurt (GERMANY)
CGB “Morte di un microfono” HC veterans from Imperia
DCP “Voiceless” HC from Brescia
EVERSIONE “Un istante di fervore” Punk-HC from Imperia/Sanremo
GTA (GRAND THEFT AGE) “We come from your hell” HC meets Street-Punk from Roma
HAVOC “s/t” Hardcore from Torino
I FUZONI “s/t” Punk-HC from Imola
KARCAVEJIA “L’inverno su marte” last work of this great Punk-HC band from Arluno (MI)
MAI “Nausea” Punk-HC from Verona
PAYBACK “Usque ad finem” Old School NYHC style from Roma
PROTERVIA “Nuestra esquela” antifascist brutal HC from Madrid (CASTILLA-SPAIN)
REBELDE “Fratelli di sangue” one of the best bands Romagna has ever seen.. Street-Punk/HC from Forlì
SEXSAINTS “A new drug” finest Punk-HC from Roma
SPLEEN FLIPPER “Alchimia del dolore” Punk-HC from Crema (CR)
STANDING STRONG “Oro e merda” Old School HC from Torino
STRANGEDZ “Lieto fine”Punk-HC from Grosseto
SZ.RIBALTA “Di po di” Punk-HC from South Sardinia
TEAR ME DOWN “Il tempo cambia” last work of these Punk-Hc legends from Viterbo
TOEDGEIN “Shell Rock” Old School HC from Olbia
THE FOURTH SIN “Anger” HC from Roma
VENTO D’OTTOBRE “Avete più paura voi” great tupatupa Punk-Hc from Perugia
ZARTAKO “Sangre por sangre” HC and Oi! from Bilbao (EUSKAL HERRIA)
ZARTAKO “Primero nosotros” HC and Oi! from Bilbao (EUSKAL HERRIA)

LAFURIA! “s/t” all stars band performing a great Rap-HC with several featurings, from Rome zone
KRAV BOCA “Sanatorium” great Punk’n’Rap from Touluse (FRANCE)
KRAV BOCA “Canette (a la mer)” last work of the great Rap-Punk band from Touluse (France)
MONTELUPO “Il canzoniere anarchico” traditional Italian anarchist songs re-issued with a great and various folky sound from Roma zone
MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE “Hoods up” militant HC-Rap from Moscow (RUSSIA)
MOSTOW DEATH BRIGADE “Boltcutter” last release of the great militant HC-Rap band from Moscow (RUSSIA)
MR. IRISH BASTARD “Fortune & Glory” great Irish Folk-Rock from Münster (GERMANY)
ROYAL SHAMROCK “Advance and retire” Irish Folk-Rock from Tokyo (JAPAN)
SANG MÊLE “En toute sincérité” great antifascist Militant Rap from Limonges (FRANCE)
TULLAMORE “Des an pr’i strà des an int al bar” 10 years celebrating album of the great Folk-Punk band from Pavia

SKA – REGGAE – SOUL – SKA-PUNK and similar
65 MINES STREET “Fix the clock” great 2 tone, Ska and Reggae from Audincourt (FRANCE)
AGGRESSORS BC “The tones of the times” great Ska and 2 tone from Belfast (NORTHERN IRELAND)
ASKULTURA “Ten strong superpunk skarantella reggae rumba fury” eclectic multiple styles Ska singing in several languages (dialect of Neaples too!) from Miami (UNITED STATES)
BOBBY SIXKILLER “Lonely road” Reggae and Soul from Nancy (FRANCE)
CANTINERO “Resta a ballare” Ska and 2 Tone from Milano zone
LA FAMILIA TORELLI “Beyond organic” Early Reggae and Ska form Barcelona (CATALUNYA-SPAIN)
NH3 “Eroi senza volto” Combat Ska-Punk da Pesaro
NH3 “Rise Up” Combat Ska-Punk da Pesaro
OBRINT PAS “Benvingut al paradis” Ska, Ska-Punk and traditional Catalan music from Valencia (CATALUNYA-SPAIN)
QUARTIER LIBRE “Live, speed and kalarlak” Ska, 2 Tone, Ska-Punk, Oi!, Punk.. anything! but well made! From Sedan (FRANCE)
REDSKA “Le mie prigioni” Combat Ska-Punk heroes from Forlì
REDSKA “La rivolta” Combat Ska-Punk heroes from Forlì
SALLY BROWN “El sonido de manana…hoy!!” Ska, Two-Tone from Madrid (SPAIN)
SKA-P “Planeta Eskoria” probably the best Ska-Punk band of Spain from Madrid (SPAIN)
SKA-P “Eurosis” probably the best Ska-Punk band of Spain from Madrid (SPAIN)
THE BANKROBBERS “Folgen” 2 tone Ska from Lucca
THE MIGHTY FISHERS “Soul garden” Ska. 2 tone from Barcelona (CATALUNYA-SPAIN)
THE OFFENDERS “Action reaction” Ska and Reggae from Berlin (GERMANY)
THE OFFENDERS “Shots screems and broken dreams” Ska and Reggae from Berlin (GERMANY)
THE OROBIANS “Anniversary album” anthology of this Ska legend from Bergamo
THORPEDIANS “Maximum hard reggae from the top” Early Reggae and Ska form Barcelona (CATALUNYA-SPAIN)


AUT AUT “Musica di periferia” re-issuing of this great album of the hystorical punk band from Roma
BOMBER 80 “Contro il tempo” last work of the great Street-Punk and Oi! band from Firenze
BRIXTON CATS “Quartier maudit” one of the greatest RASH Punk-Rock band of France and one of the best female voice ever! From Paris (FRANCE)
BLACK STAR DUB COLLECTIVE “Vampire” Reggae-Dub from Manchester (ENGLAND)
CONTINGENT ANONYME “Ad Gloriam” Oi! Street-Punk from Reims (FRANCE)
CONTRASTO “Statico senso” heroes of Romagna Punk-Hc limited edition full lenght album! From Cesena
CONTRASTO / KALASHNIKOV “Come il soffitto di una chiesa bombardata” great Punk-Hc in light blue vinyl from Cesena and Milano (10”)
CONTRASTO / NAGASAKI NIGHTMARE “Rabbia trafigge immobile resa” Punk-HC from Cesena meets Crust-Core from Bari
DIE SCHWARZEN SCHAFE / LOS DISCKOLOS “split” Street-Punk from Dusseldorf (GERMANY) meets Street-Punk from Buenos Aires (ARGENTINA)
DIOXINA “Nessuna pietà” Rimini Oi! legend only released album dated 1983! rarity!
GERK “Ultimatum” one of the best Crust-HC band from Mendoza (ARGENTINA)
INTOTHEBAOBAB “Acidi pensieri” Great Punk 77 from Medicina (BO)
LAFURIA! “La via del ronin” brand new album for the really good Rap-Punk-HC band from Roma zone
MESS MESS MESS “Could you bet…” one of the best Punk band ever seen in Romagna from Cesena
MOSKOW DEATH BRIGADE “Boltcutter” last release of the great militant HC-Rap band from Moscow (RUSSIA)
NABAT “Banda Randagia” new release, after a lot of time, of the legendary Oi! band from Bologna born in the early 80s
OPCIO-K95 “Reneix” last work of the best Oi! Band from Catalunya! Independentism and socialism from Barcelona (CATALUNYA-SPAIN)
PAT ATHO “Lima sorda” first really impressive work of this great Punk-Songwriter
PUNTAS DE ACERO “Decada de decadencia” pure Oi! from Mendoza (ARGENTINA)
PLAKKAGGIO HC “Fronte del sacco” red vynil special edition LP of the great Metal-Oi!-HC band of Colleferro (RM)
PLAKKAGGIO HC “Approdo” great Metal-Oi-HC from Colleferro (RM)
PLAKKAGGIO “Ziggurath” new name, new LP (+CD) same fuckin’ great Metal-Oi-HC sound from the heroes of Colleferro (RM)
REBELDE / GRADINATA NORD “Il calcio è una cosa seria” seconnd release in LP format of one of the best split ever! From Forlì and Morbegno
RETAQUE / DEMASIADOS ENEMIGOS “Southamerican-Europe connection” Oi!/Street-Punk from Quito (ECUADOR) and Barcelona (CATALUNYA-SPAIN) 2 bands split
RPG-7 “Vuelta al barrio” last work of the great militant Oi! band from Madrid
SKARMENTO “Afia os cotenos” Punk-Rock from GALIZA-SPAIN (10”)
THE SARAH CONNORS “The reenge of the black squid” simply great Ska and Reggae from Paris (FRANCE)

666 “Tieni il tempo” new release of the Heavy Punk HC Metal 883 cover band with Plakkaggio menbers from Collefferro (RM)
AFFLUENTE / CONTRASTO “Insurrezione” 2 of the best Italian Punk-HC band from Ascoli-Teramo and Cesena
AFFLUENTE / CGB / CONTRASTO / LUDD “Alla vecchia maniera” 4 of the greatest bands of Old-School Italian Punk-HC together for this great bomb! from Tramo, Imperia, Cesena, Rovereto
BECAUSE THE BEAN “Indifferenza nera” great Punk-Hardcore from Parma
CONTRASTO / LE TORMENTA “La poesia è azione” Romagna top Punk-HC from Cesena and Forlì
F.ANDREANI – PAT ATHO – ZEROCALCARE “Per quanta pioggia cadrà” the 2 best Punk-Songwriter in Italy meets the best comics writer of Italy
IRON HILL / LENDERS “s/t” 80s Punk from Plakkaggio members meats one of the more interesting new Oi! band of the moment from Roma zone
MOSCOW DEATH BRIGADE / WHAT WE FEEL “s/t” really amazing Rap-HC and Punk-HC from Moscow (RUSSIA)
NEW BLOOD / DEAD END STREET “split” great Punk’n’Roll from Carbonia and Firenze!
RUGGINE “Progressivo regresso” Punk-HC from Milano
SALLY BROWN “Madrid” Ska, 2 tone from Madrid (SPAIN)
TOMATO ROTTEN “Hei! Papa” great Old Style Punk rarity from Cattolica (RN)