RS056 MILKSNAKE “The real eye of God” Street-Punk with female voice from Bologna
RS055 BISLERS “Fino all’ultimo respiro” Punk-HC from Ferrara
RS054 T-REX SQUAD “Resisti all’estinzione” Punk-Rock from Bologna/Ancona
RS053 NEID “Anthem to the dissonance” Grind-Core from Viterbo
RS051 TURN AGAINST “MeMori” Punk-HC from Comacchio
RS050 AUTOTOMIA “Non omnis moriar” Punk-HC from Imola
RS049 C4 “Disterru e catenas” Combat-Rock from Oristano (SARDINIA)
RS044 SPRING MOODS “Sad love story” Punk-Rock Forlì
RS043 URBAN VIETCONG “A colpi di machete” Street-Punk from Livorno
RS042 TULLAMORE “Palude” Celtic-Punk from Pavia
RS038 TURN AGAINST “Desert” Punk-HC from Comacchio
RS037 DIARIO DI BORDO “Sindrome pirata” Street-Punk from Puglia-Romagna
RS036 VV/AA “Int la strê – Un sorso di Romagna” the anthology of Street Music in Romagna region from 80s till now 2CD
RS034 BAD REVENGE “Il tuo destino” Hard-Oi! da Varese
RS032 SENZA FRONTIERE “Non sapremo di noi!” Oi! Street-Punk from Milano
RS031 HUARACA ORKESTRA “s/t” Ska, Reggae, Ska-Punk prov. Ravenna
RS030 NO PROVE “Via senza ritorno” Punk-Hc from Viterbo
RS029 SHAMELESS “s/t” Punk-HC from Cosenza
RS028 BALOTTA CONTINUA “Notte d’inferno per i residenti” Political Song-Ska from Bologna
RS027 MOSSIN NAGANT “s/t” Redskins’ Oi! From Vitoria/Gasteiz (EUSKAL HERRIA-SPAIN)
RS026 ZEMAN “Attitudine offensiva” Football Oi! from Bologna
RS025 GUACAMAYA “Without people we are nothing” Combat-Punk from Magenta (MI)
RS024 LA SVOLTA “Giuda” Punk-Hardcore dalla provincia di Ravenna
RS023 LUCHASKALIENTES “Maledetto positivismo” Combat-Ska from Filottrano (AN)
RS022 REJECTS S/A / STA PREST BOYS “Oi! It’s a world invasion vol. 2” SPLIT Oi! from Sao Bento (BRAZIL) / Oi! from Bintaro (INDONESIA)
RS021 FECCIA ROSSA “Lotta per la tua vita” Oi! Street-Punk from Verona
RS019 GLORY POINT / NACIDOS DEL ODIO “Oi! It’s a World invasion” SPLIT Oi! from Jakarta (INDONESIA) / Oi! from G.A.Madero (MEXICO)
RS018 5MDR “La prospettiva del conflitto” Oi! Street-Punk from Savona
RS016 STESSO SPORCO SANGUE “s/t” Street-Punk from Palermo
RS014 SKARMENTO “Afia os cotenos” Punk-Rock from GALIZA-SPAIN
RS013 NOBODY’S FOOL “Wintering” Punk-Rock from GALIZA-SPAIN
RS012 WOODY CUNTS “Motherfuckers” Oi!-‘n-Roll from Napoli SOLD OUT
RS011 RUGGINE “Apocalisse” Old School HC from Milano SOLD OUT
RS010 M.N.S. “Ancorati alla vita” Street-Punk from Palermo
RS009 C4 “Congestione Mentale” Combat Rock from Oristano (SARDINIA) SOLD OUT
RS008 PLAKKAGGIO HC “Approdo” Oi!-HC-Metal from Colleferro (RM) SOLD OUT
RS007 TURN AGAINST “Morte accidentale” Punk-HC from Comacchio (FE)
RS006 SCORMA “Melena lacrime e piombo” Combat Street-Punk from Forlì zone SOLD OUT
RS005 GLI ULTIMI “Storie da un posto qualunque” Street-Punk from Roma zone SOLD OUT
RS004 BOMBER80 “Cambia il vento” Oi! from Firenze SOLD OUT
RS003 GOT RANDOM WALK “We’ll come again to your doors doing..” Crossover from Bassa Romagna zone (RA) SOLD OUT
RS002 THE MOTIVATED “Dentro di te” Street-Punk and Oi! from Pinarella (RA)
RS001 ENNECIBBI “Il giorno verrà” Oi! Rome-Style from Modena/Roma SOLD OUT

RS052 GÜERRA “s/t” Street-Punk from Forlì
RS048 AFFLUENTE / A FORA DE ARRSTU “s/t” SPLIT Punk-HC from Teramo-Ascoli / Punk-HC from Medio Campidano
RS047 URBAN VIETCONG “Storie tra bottiglie e ciminiere” Street-Punk from Livorno SOLD OUT
RS046 CONTRASTO “Politico personale” Punk-HC from Cesena
RS045 CALL THE COPS “Bastards” Punk 77 from Bologna/Modena SOLD OUT
RS039 RAW / MUCOPUS “split” SPLIT Punk-HC from Cagliari / Punk-HC from Torino SOLD OUT
RS035 TUMULTO “Riflesso incondizionato” Punk-HC from Forlì
RS033 AFFLUENTE / FECCIA TRICOLORE “s/t” SPLIT Punk-HC from Teramo-Ascoli / Punk-HC from Palermo SOLD OUT

10” EP
RS055 OVERLOAD “Gutteral” Street-Punk from Cambridge (ENGLAND)

7” EP
RS041 LES PARTISANS / LES TROIS HUIT “Assignées a resistance” SPLIT OI! Street-Punk from Lyon and Grenoble (FRANCE) SOLD OUT
RS040 SHAMELESS “Fourth floor” Punk-HC from Cosenza
RS020 LA PROSPETTIVA / TUMULTO “s/t” SPLIT Punk-HC from Cesena / Punk-HC from Forlì zone
RS017 UGUAGLIANZA / ULTIMA RIPRESA “s/t” SPLIT Oi! Street-Punk from Savona / Oi! Street-Punk from Torino SOLD OUT
RS015 FECCIA ROSSA / SENZA FRONTIERE “s/t” SPLIT Oi! Street-Punk from Milano zone / Oi! from Verona SOLD OUT

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